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Turkey /Bursa /Orhangazi
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See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Since 1982 with ISI ŞAH Endüstriyel brand our cooperation
keeps growing for Railway Industry
Started as a supplier of Tüvesaş and Tülomsaş in 80’s and 90’s.
Firstly, production was dedicated for heating rods and heating
units with protection cover which contains heating rods for long
years. At the same time production has started for junction
heaters which is very important for railway sector.
In 2000’s ISIŞAH discovered that heating rods were not sufficient
for trains. Thereof, as a conclucion of R&D works carried
out by ISIŞAH heating system re-designed and thanks to the
heating units placed under the chassis, it became a system that
can measure the warm air as much as the heating energy needed
in the wagon and press it into the wagon.
Due to the developing technology today, the heating systems
are combined with the cooling systems and they are beginning
to take place on the trains as air conditioning unit. Within this
scope, ISI ŞAH has continued to provide services to both domestic
and international customers thanks to its in-house heating
ISI ŞAH production heating units continue to be used in suburban
high-speed trains, subways and trams in the air conditioning
unit and as underarm heating units.

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Isi Sah Endustriyel Rezistans ve Isi Ekipmanlari San. Tic. A.S

Main Office
DOSAB Ali Osman Sönmez Cad. No:11 16369 Osmangazi/BURSA.
Orhangazi / Bursa /
Telephone: 02242610527

Main Office Bursa / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Business Type Manufacturer